His Stories

His Stories is the new solo album.  A musical road trip through history....or at least some of it; starting at the A2 and finishing at the A229 (Blue Bell Hill).  All original tracks not appearing anywhere else.  All relating to serious or quirky stories from history.  All have been performed live with a solo guitar, mandolin, banjo or ukulele (with in two cases a harmonica) in folk clubs, but now appearing as multi instrument arrangements.  All instruments played by yours truly:  Vocals, Acoustic, Electric and Synth Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, Bass, Harmonica, Fiddle, 'Cello, Percussion, Sampling.  All tracks written, produced and engineered by yours truly.  Click on links to listen to tracks on Youtube.

1 - Route A2  Not to be confused with the existing Route 66.  An anthem to the  'joy' or 'necessary evil' joining Kent to London.  It has more history than Route 66.


2 - Mary Rose  Inspired by a visit to the hull and exhibition in Portsmouth.


3 - Richard III  The big archaeological story of recent years:  The bones of King Richard III uncovered in a Social Services car park in Leicester.  What if those bones could speak?! 


4 - Harry Paye  Dedicated to the memory of Violet Beare-Jones, 3rd August 1912 - 16th December 2015, 'Queen of Old Poole Quay'.  Harry Paye in the 13th century was an anti-hero figure from the town of Poole in Dorset.  His memory is celebrated each year by a festival in the town.


5 - Off To St Helena  Written to mark the bicentenary of The Battle of Waterloo.  A guardsman's account from 1815, remarking on two sides of Bonaparte.


6 - Inversnaid  Perhaps not strictly historical storytelling.  This tune was written while living on a boat for a week on Loch Lomond.  Serenity following a horrendous journey up to Scotland involving car engines blowing up.  Inversnaid is a beautiful spot on the east bank of the Loch.  At the time it seemed to consist of a pub, a loo and a number of large daunting animals with large horns. 


7 - Superman v The Klu Klux Klan  Unable to fight in The Second World War, Stetson Kennedy did 'his bit' at tremendous personal risk during the late 1940s.  He infiltrated the Klu Klux Klan and using the 'Superman' radio show, broke their stronghold in America. 


8 - Private Woytek  The Polish private who served alongside the British army in the Second World War.


9 - Persephone  The story of the coming of Spring.  Perhaps more Greek mythology than history? (As played on BBC Radio Kent).


10 - The Lancaster  I hope this is seen as a respectful depiction of a World War Two Lancaster bomber crew, pushing their luck with yet another night raid.


11 - After The Armada (The Goose Song)  Two facts arose from the defeat of The Armada:  Queen Elizabeth adopted goose as the banquet food of choice to celebrate the victory.  However the men who did the fighting were treated badly, with far more dying aboard ships after the Armada than did so during the actual battle.


12 - Before The Colour Separated From The Grey  In Autumn 1989 East Germans were allowed to visit the West for the first time since 1961.  The Berlin Wall was dismantled soon after.


13 - The Ghost Of Blue Bell Hill  This is a typical account of many that were made back in the 1970s.  Returning home on the A229.


Bonus Track:

14 - Gerald (Dedicated to Tina and Lu). A song about our mutual friend.


His Stories is available on ITunes. Alternatively a 'handcrafted' CD album is available for £7.50 including UK p&p.

This can be ordered via info@chris-lea.co.uk