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I am one half of Acoustic Duo   'Postcard From The Eggs' the album by Eggibred and 'Seaside Folk' , 'Summer Folk', and 'Winter Folk'  CDs, featuring Eggibred, are available by contacting this site or through 

Downloads of Chris's music are available through and iTunes.

I am one of the regular hosts at the weekly ARK (Acoustic Roots Klub) at New Ash Green.  The club meets at 8pm on Sundays.  All are welcome.  It is based at The Green Room, The Sports Pavilion, Rugby Club, Punchcroft Road, New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent  DA3 8JZ. 

Eggibred contributed music to Tea Time the film by Alexandra Moskalenko, depicting a year in the life of the Blackheath Tea Hut on the A2:

Swinging The Lead Shanty Crew:  

'Swinging The Lead' the album CD is available from

Check out  'My Friend Ella' by Barry The Badger And Friends  on

Youtube clips: 

Mr Brackenbury's Engagement - taken from the album SCARECROW          

Raid on Poole Quay (excerpt) - taken from the album SCARECROW                

Hart of the Kingdom - Orchestral instrumental pastoral piece                       

Solo Guitar - Rumba - Flamenco music                                                            

Solo Guitar - Nuages                                                                                            

See the video for Time In Colour by Fate The Juggler                  

Lady Painter and Decorator.

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